About Misty Cliffs Beach

Misty Cliffs Beach is a small beach of roughly 350-400 meters in length, found on the Atlantic Peninsula coastline. You will find it along the M65 road, midway between Witsand Beach and Scarborough Beach at the foot of the quaint village of Misty Cliffs.

Misty Cliffs Beach on the Atlantic Peninsula
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The main beach at Misty Cliffs is known as ‘Middle Beach’, which comprises a small sandy beach surrounded mostly by rocky outcrops. Misty Cliffs is located between two cliff faces and squeezed between the mountain and the Atlantic Ocean within the Table Mountain National Park.

The entire area is a conservation area with Misty Cliffs being known as a Conservation Village; it’s small and only comprises a few homes, most of which are holiday homes. Facilities are limited and it is best to take what you need with you, when visiting Misty Cliffs Beach.

Note: If you need supplies it’s best to travel to nearby Scarborough for these (approx. 2Km).

While Misty Cliffs Beach offers a nice 300-350 meter length of soft sandy beach, swimming is dangerous and not recommended. The beach is more suited to exploring rock-pools and making sand castles or for relaxing and watching the Surfers.

Surfing is very popular due to the big swells that pound this coastline and you might even see some Kiteboarding action.

Kiteboarding is only recommended for the experienced riders as this coastline can be brutal. Even for the Pro’s, it is recommended to launch your kites at the nearby Witsand Beach and to ride your way to Misty Cliffs (More Information).

Misty Cliffs gets it’s name from the heavy mist that settles over this part of the coastline, most of the year. If you want to enjoy a day at the beach, it is best to visit during the hot summer months, and preferably during the middle of the day after the morning mist has lifted. During holiday season, the little beach can get pretty busy and parking is limited.

Beach Features

  • Limited Parking

Beach Activities

  • Fishing (License Required)
  • Rock Pool Exploration
  • Kiteboarding (for the experienced only)
  • Surfing

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Additional Information

The Misty Cliffs coastline consists of mostly boulder beach where the mountain tapers off into the rough Atlantic Ocean. The only exception being ‘Middle Beach’ which enjoys it’s small sandy strip.

The road between Witsand and Scarborough is exceptionally scenic with towering cliffs on one side and the Ocean merely meters away on the other.

The experience is often heightened by the Mist which gives a rather eyrie feeling when driving through it. You can be enjoying a nice sunny day and suddenly be enclosed by the heavy mist only to come out the other side into blazing sunlight once more.

Misty Cliffs and it’s beach is definitely more suited to those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city beaches. The whole experience is worth the drive, even if it’s just for the day, or a stop-over on your way to or from Cape Point.

Source: https://www.capetown.gov.za/

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